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Open source PLC:

A typical beginning of development using STM controllers:
- On the basis of a large number of available discovery boards make up a device prototype.
- Search box, where this prototype can be installed.

This solution is the production of a prototype and serial devices for installation in a standard enclosure.
The distributed system is building from this devices / units.
The current main interface is CAN. However, nothing hinders the use of other interfaces, for example: different RF channels.

Let's start with a solution based on stm32f100 board.
This board can be used instead of stm-discovery. The board have a CAN interface. This interface is main for modules communicate in system.

Examlpe of use board as develop sensor module:

GAINTA (http://www.gainta.com/din_rail_housing/din_rail_case/) produces her pcb. However, for my decision, I developed my own development PCB:

STM32f100 board can mount in differents positions:

Example use of STM32f100 board as UART-CAN gate:

This construction in D1MG box:

For example uses STM32F100 board as set of sensors - temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination, CO2:

In box without covers:

In box with covers:

Ready product:

Other examples of using STM32F100 PCB.
8/9 channels GPIO module. Work with DS18B20, iButton, 5V GPIO with a pull up or pull down. Up to 560V galvanic isolator:

External board of PLC Modem on developer board:
For programming this modules use C language.
But IEC 61131-3 can be used. Project: http://www.beremiz.org

Piece of workplace:


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